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We received this letter asking for an Auction Donation:

Every year on the Continental Divide Trail, we coordinate some very special volunteers. This year they came from 28 different states to do something they believed in.

I am currently seeking donations for 2011 backcountry projects, and realize that the Backpacker Oven would be a very strong addition to our arsenal. I like the design, and it seems much lighter than our standard dutch ovens. With the addition of your oven to our program, we are simply unstoppable.

As you may be aware, Congress designated the Continental Divide Trail a National Scenic Trail in 1978. When complete the CDT, or "King of Trails", will stretch 3,100 miles between Canada and Mexico along the backbone of America through some of the most wild and picturesque landscapes in North America. It includes dozens of unique ecosystems, three National Parks and thousands of historical, cultural and scenic landmarks. The Continental Divide Trail Alliance is a national non-profit membership organization that plays a central role in the completion, maintenance and protection of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. In 2009 over 800 volunteers from 29 states worked on the Trail, logging 23,400 hours helping to maintain and construct the CDT.

Jon Pierson
NM Field Program Coordinator
Continental Divide Trail Alliance

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We were happy to donate some Backpacker Ovens to help support their effort.

Just for Fun..

We love to go out on trips. We love to eat well. We love having fun with our family and friends. Here are some examples of where we go and how we make our meals even better by baking something special.

First, how about some pictures of baked goodies we’ve made with our Backpacker Oven. Take a look...

Here are some of our favorites places...

Mt. Whitney: 14,495' High in California

We set out to prove that my new Backpacker Oven would cook pizza at the top of Mt. Whitney; we succeeded. The Oven only weighs 1.8 pounds and cooked many different kinds of foods. From cookies to pizza, corn bread, buttermilk biscuits, and much more. It was a great success. Check the pictures...

Rocky Basin, California

Another wonderful destination, and more great food. Check the pictures...

Cottonwood Lakes 2009

I did a three-day three-night hike in this area. I made it a point to visit the 11 lakes in the area. I spent the first night at Muir lake and then moved on to Lake 3 and again to South Fork Lake for the last night on Sunday. The pictures came out great and the food was perfect. Check out the photos of the corn bread. I also made some chili using the tomato paste that comes in a tube that looks like toothpaste. I use the same thing for the pizza and add some spices. I saw the bit on making trail pizza on the Backpacker Magazine site but I don't think I would want to bring an entire bottle of pizza sauce. That just seems too heavy for even me; I always try to keep the weight down. My pack weight on this trip was at 35 lbs and that’s not bad considering the cold weather and rain equipment that I brought. Had there not been a chance of rain I could have saved at least 2 to 3 lbs. Anyway the trip was great and so was the food I actualy gained a couple of pounds on this trip! I could not beleve it! Check the pictures...

Onion Valley, Eastern Sierra

On July 28, 2008, my family, including the grand kids, set out for a day hike to Lower Pothole Lake, about 1.5 miles from the trail head. We took fishing poles, 2-day packs (one with water, filter and first-aid, and the other with the Backpacker Oven and cooking utensils. There were 10 of us on the trail.The kids were excited because they were going to have pizza when we got to the lake.
Our pizza recipe...

For the Pizza we used the following items:

Jiffy pizza crust mix; just add 1/2 cup water

We made the sauce using the double concentrated tomato paste by Amore (made in Italy, comes in a tube like toothpaste. We found this at an Albertsons Store in Southern California) and spices. Pizza seasoning: just add about 3 tablespoons water and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Cheese: grated romano and parmesan

Pepperoni: pre sliced works best.

Then we added dehydrated onions, bell peppers, mushrooms (actually add them before the sauce or in the sauce so they rehydrate)

Then bake for about 15 min at 500 deg. The temp on the oven will drop when you put the pizza in but that's OK. Just check every once and awhile to see how they are doing, Baking changes at different elevations and conditions so you need to be able to check your food to make sure you don't burn it.


The hike took about an hour. We set up the oven while the kids went and fishing and played in the water. The pizza was made per the recipe; we made a total of six pizzas. This was enough for all of us for lunch. The kids caught six trout and we took those back to our camp at Lower Grays Meadow and baked them for dinner in a 9" Backpacker Oven. They cooked in about 20 minutes and were the best trout I have had in a long time. They were wrapped in foil and stuffed with tomatoes, onions and cilantro. We all had a great time and good food. After the trip the kids were asking when we could do it again. This is a good example of how to use the Backpacker Oven and how it helps people enjoy hiking and backpacking even more.

Bemco’s® Backpacker 7" Oven Kit

Includes the oven, nylon straps, two baking pans, a dial thermometer, and one gripper; total weight: only 24.6 oz.

Each Bemco®Backpacker Oven is hand made here in the United States.

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