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Backpacker Oven Only

ovenOnly Three sizes available: 7", wt: 24.6 oz; 8", wt: 29.55 oz.; 9", wt: 40.55 oz. All include thermometer, straps, and baking guide.
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Backpacker Oven Basic Kits

All kits include: gripper, straps, thermometer, and a baking guide.
7" kit wt: 31.85 oz; includes 7" oven, 6" shallow pan, 6" deep pan.
8" kit wt: 39.55 oz; includes 8" oven, 7" shallow pan, 7" deep pan.
9" kit wt: 56.55 oz; includes 9" oven, 8" shallow pan, 8" deep pan.
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Backpacker Oven Deluxe kits

Backpacker Oven Deluxe kits are available in 7, 8 and 9 inch sizes and include: the oven, one shallow and one deep pan, pan gripper, straps, the baking guide, and a nylon storage sack.
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Deep (1.5") baking pans for the Backpacker Oven

Pan Size

Shallow (1/2") baking pans for the Backpacker Oven

Pan size please select one

Pan Gripper - $5.99 USD

For removing hot pans from the Backpacker Oven.

Stuff Sack for Backpacker Oven

Comes in whatever color we have at the time!
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Replacement Thermometer: $8.95 USD


Bemco’s® Backpacker 7" Oven Kit

Includes the oven, nylon straps, two baking pans, a dial thermometer, and one gripper; total weight: only 24.6 oz.

Each Bemco®Backpacker Oven is hand made here in the United States.

$52.95: Order Yours Now


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